Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence

Your Personal Web Development Powerhouse

Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence

Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence!

Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence
Doodle of an arrow pointing to Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence

Business Horizons

Solutions for Your
Digital Presence!

A monochrome illustration of four people collaborating in a creative workspace. On the left, a person points to an email icon, symbolizing digital communication. The center shows a figure balancing a web browser window on one hand, suggesting multitasking or web management. To the right, an individual holds up an image icon, representing visual content, while another sits comfortably in a swivel chair with a laptop, indicative of relaxed productivity. The background is adorned with floating digital icons like search bars, and geometric shapes, all within an office setting with plants, signifying a dynamic and modern work environment.

Your Personal Web Developer

Find Your Digital Marketing Match. We pair you with a web developer who really gets your business. They’ll share your passion and help make your digital dreams come true. It’s more than business—it’s a shared journey to success for your digital presence. 

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Simple Subscription, No Surprises

Easy Subscription. Clear Costs. Our model is simple. Pay one monthly fee and get all the digital marketing help you need. No hidden fees or complicated contracts. Just reliable, ongoing support.

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Unlimited Requests, Limitless Potential

Grow Your Website Without Limits. Your website reflects your business. That’s why we offer unlimited requests. Need changes or new features? We’ve got you covered. Your site can grow and change, just like your business.

Built to fit all
your needs!

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Seamless Solutions for Your Digital Presence: Say goodbye to unreliable freelancers and costly agencies. With Digital Journal Media, enjoy designs and development at one flat monthly fee, delivered so quickly, it will astonish you.

Build It to fit YOU!

Discover customizable web solutions that cater exclusively to your vision—start shaping your digital future for your digital presence now. 

See Plans
Totally Seamless

Sign up, send requests—fast and fuss-free. It’s all about swift starts and smooth progress for your web projects.

Managed by Trello

Organized with Trello: Project management made easy. Your tasks, updates, and team – all in sync on a platform you trust.

Invite unlimited team members

Bring your team together in one workspace and watch productivity soar. Unlimited invites mean everyone’s on board and in the loop!

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The Pillars of Our Service

Personalized Design

Crafting digital experiences uniquely for you, our designs are tailor-made to reflect your brand’s essence and engage your audience.

Lightning Fast Deliveries

Speed is of the essence in the digital realm, and our team ensures rapid delivery without compromising on quality, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Fixed Rate

Enjoy the transparency and predictability of a fixed rate. No surprises, just straightforward pricing for exceptional web development services.

Top-notch quality

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, delivering only the highest quality work that stands out and withstands the test of time.

Flexible - Scalable

Adapt and grow with services designed to flex with your needs. From startups to enterprises, we scale to match your evolving digital demands.

Unique and all yours

Your website will be as original as your business. That for your digital presence is a one-of-a-kind asset, setting you apart from the competition.

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Choose Your Plan

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One Request at a time & Pause or Cancel anytime!


Let’s Chat 

What’s Included!:

  • One Request at a time. 
  • Choose up to 5 services from our selection (certain exclusions apply)
  • Average 72 hour turnaround
  • Limited stock photos via Shutterstock
  • Easy credit card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime 
Most popular branding.


One Request at a time & Pause or cancel anytime!


Let’s Chat

What’s included!:

  • One request at a time 
  • ALL available services to your disposal
  • Average 48 hours turnaround 
  • Unlimited stock photos via Shutterstock
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited requests
  • Easy credit card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime


Multiple Requests with priority & Pause or Cancel anytime!


Let’s Chat

What’s included!:

  • SAAS or Micro-SAAS Development
  • Multiple requests at a time
  • ALL services available at your disposal
  • Average 48 hour turnaround
  • Unlimited stock photos via Shutterstock
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited requests
  • Easy credit card payments
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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An illustration of a person from the back, looking at a computer screen displaying the profile of another individual. It suggests an online meeting or a virtual collaboration setup.

Book a Call

Let's talk about your goals! Book a free consultation to see how our tailored web solutions can drive your success. We’re here to help you excel.

Cartoon illustration of three speech bubbles with smiling individuals, dollar signs, and the word 'REFER' floating above a smartphone with a megaphone icon on the screen. This represents a referral program, suggesting users can refer friends and potentially earn rewards or money.

Refer and Win!

Spread the word and reap the rewards! For every two friends who sign up, you'll enjoy a free month of our premium web services. Keep referring and keep earning—it's that easy. Start now and let the perks roll in!


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Question marks doodles.
What does the subscription service include?

Our subscription service is tailored to match your specific needs. With the Basic plan, you can select up to 5 services from our extensive list, which allows you to focus on key areas of your web presence. If you opt for our Standard or Pro plans, you’ll have unrestricted access to our full suite of services, covering everything from advanced SEO optimization to comprehensive website maintenance and support. Each plan is designed to provide the flexibility and tools necessary to ensure your website remains competitive and effective.

Can I change my subscription plan later?

Absolutely! We understand that your business needs can evolve over time. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to adjust your subscription as needed. Whether you’re looking to upgrade for more comprehensive services or need to downgrade as you streamline your operations, you can do so without hassle. Simply contact our support team or manage your subscription settings in your account dashboard to make any changes. We’ll make the transition smooth and ensure your web services continue uninterrupted.

What is the process for reporting issues or requesting updates?

To report issues or request updates, simply head to your dedicated Trello board. There, you can post any requests, and our team will promptly address them. Trello will be our hub for all your service needs, ensuring an organized and efficient response.

How does the referral program work?

It’s easy!!

When a new client signs up, they will encounter a prompt asking, ‘How did you hear about us?’ Here, they can input the email or business name of the existing client who referred them. After an existing client successfully refers 2 new clients, they will receive a unique code. This code can then be entered via their client portal, allowing them to redeem one free month of service at their discretion.

Can I really pause or cancel anytime?

Yes, you have the flexibility to pause or cancel your subscription at any time. If you find that you don’t have enough work to justify an active subscription, or if you just need a temporary break, you can pause your service. This will halt the billing cycle, and any remaining days of service you’ve paid for will be available when you choose to resume.

Cancellation can also be done with ease if you decide to discontinue the services altogether. Both options are managed directly within your account settings, ensuring you have control over your subscription terms.

Why shouldn't I hire a traditional agency or developer?

Great question! Which deserves a greater answer.

Hiring a traditional agency or full-stack developer can quickly add up, with costs soaring to around $12,000 a month, including all the extras. Freelancers might offer a bit more flexibility, charging anywhere from $35 to $60 per hour, but finding the right one can be hit or miss. And agencies? They’re far from budget-friendly, often requiring a hefty upfront investment.

Our monthly plan changes the game. You can pause or cancel your subscription as you need, ensuring you’re only investing in dev work when there’s actual work to be done. It’s straightforward, cost-effective, and perfectly tailored to your workload’s ebb and flow.

How long does it take to create a website?

The timeframe to create a website can vary greatly, depending on its complexity and the specific features you need. For a basic brochure-style website, you’re looking at approximately 4 to 5 days to get everything up and running. However, if you’re aiming for something more feature-rich or customized, the development time could extend significantly. Each project is unique, so we start by understanding your specific requirements to provide a more accurate timeline. Remember, quality takes time, and our goal is to deliver a website that perfectly matches your vision and needs.

What's the onboarding process like for new subscribers?

It’s easy peasy!
Starting with our service is straightforward and efficient. After selecting your ideal subscription plan and securely entering your payment details through Stripe, we’ll have you set up in Trello in no time. This setup ensures you receive administrative access to your dedicated board via the email you used to subscribe, keeping everything streamlined and secure. Plus, for those who want a more personalized touch, we offer the option of a 15-minute video chat to help you settle in, giving you a chance to ask any questions and get acquainted with how things work. This entire process is crafted to be seamless, ensuring you can quickly start leveraging our services to enhance your web presence.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

Given the custom nature of our web development services, we’re unable to offer refunds. We dedicate significant time and resources to ensure high-quality results tailored to your needs.

What if I only have one single request?

No problem! If you’ve just got one thing on your list, that’s totally cool. Wrap it up, hit pause on your plan, and just hit play again whenever you’re ready for more. We’re all about keeping it easy and making sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it—no extras, no waste.

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Price Breakdown

A sketch of a dollar sign in a doodle art style

Freelance Web Developer:

  • Hourly Rate: $60-$85 (based on skill level and project complexity)
  • Hours per Month: Assuming a full-time workload (40 hours/week), roughly 160 hours per month.
  • Total Cost: $9,600 – $13,600 (160 hours * hourly rate)
  • Additional Expenses: None directly to the freelancer, but possibly platform fees or payment processing fees depending on the service used.

Full-Time Web Developer:

  • Average Monthly Salary: $7,000 – $9,833 (based on an annual salary range of $84,300 to $118,000 for various developer roles)
  • Onboarding Costs: Potentially $333 – $1,000 (assuming onboarding costs of $4,000, spread over the first year)
  • Benefits: Approximately 30% of the salary, which includes healthcare, PTO, sick leave, and 401k contributions. So, $2,100 – $2,950 (30% of the monthly salary)
  • Total Cost: $9,433 – $13,783 (monthly salary + onboarding costs + benefits)

Contracting a Web Development Agency:

  • Project Fee: Varies greatly depending on the agency and project scope, but an agency might charge a monthly retainer or project fee ranging from $10,000 to $50,000+.
  • Total Cost: $10,000 – $50,000+ (Depending on the complexity of the services provided and the agency’s reputation)
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